Do You Know Who Your Partner Has Had Sex With?

A mother sparked an online debate when she revealed she had refused to tell her boyfriend how many other men she had slept with.

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman said she did not want to tell her new partner her ‘number’ because she worried it was ‘pretty high’.

She asked other users for their opinions on whether it was a ‘normal’ topic to discuss, prompting dozens of responses on both sides of the argument.

One said: ‘My stock answer would be “none of your business” or “I’m not answering that, it’s nothing to do with you”.’

Another posted: ‘It shouldn’t be an issue and it certainly isn’t something that is anyone else’s business but yours, unless you choose to share.’

Some believed the question could even be a warning sign. One said: ‘It can go either way, but unless in the midst of a deep soulful conversation, it’s something normally only a nosy git or guy with confidence issues will ask.’

However others argued that it was an acceptable question and shared how they had answered it in the past.

One posted: ‘I remember talking to [my husband] about our “numbers” when we first got together – but we were 18 and 20, so it seemed a pretty normal thing to ask at the start of a relationship at that age.’

However this did not always end well. A number shared how they had previously had their ‘numbers’ used against them by former partners.

One woman wrote: ‘I was asked this question by an ex, many years ago. I was 21 and he was 31. being young and naive I told him (it was 4) and he used it as a stick to beat me with for the next year or so. Even though his “number” was much higher.’

Others pointed out it could be necessary for him to know. One wrote: ‘If you have had unprotected sex, your sexual history is a matter of great importance to him… as is his sexual history to you.’

Some comments also warned the poster against telling her boyfriend in case he told others if the relationship ended.

By Stephanie Linning for MailOnline

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