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Kindergartners Treated Like Millionaires To Celebrate Learning “1 Million Things”

Elizabeth C. Giacobbe

A group of kindergartners from New Jersey spent a day last week being treated like millionaires, at a red carpet event complete with limos, and even paparazzi.

It wasn’t an exercise in materialism, however. The students were celebrating learning “1 million things,” according to Beverly City School Superintendent Elizabeth Giacobbe.

The idea, she told ABC News, was initially presented to her by the director of curriculum, who saw something similar done at a school in Georgia.

“I presented the idea to the teachers, and they just ran with it,” she said.

See Video Below.

Beverly City School is a public school, but the kids wear uniforms. The first hint that June 14 would not be a typical day came when the kids were instructed to arrive at school looking “fabulous.”

The kids were treated to a limo ride, donated by First Class limousine service in Willingboro, New Jersey. They were then treated to ice cream sundaes from Holiday Ice Cream in Beverly City.

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