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Kellyanne Conway Calls Anderson Cooper “Trumpist” And Possibly Sexist Over Eye Roll

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway characterized Anderson Cooper’s viral eye roll this week on CNN as just another example of the media being chronically anti-Trump.

‘Possibly sexist, definitely what I call Trumpist,’ Conway said, when describing the moment Sunday to Fox News Channel’s Howard Kurtz. ‘Which is, many people who go on TV are treated like a house guest. And then when we go on TV, we’re not.’

Conway appeared on CNN Tuesday night to address President Trump’s shocking decision to ax FBI Director James Comey, who’s agency is investigating ties between Russian hacking efforts and the Trump campaign. 

Cooper, in trying to get to the bottom of Trump’s about-face on Comey, played a number of clips during the campaign in which the then-GOP nominee praised the FBI director.

Cooper, Conway said, ‘had me sit through President Trump, then candidate Trump, on the stump in many different places praising Jim Comey and it ended up with Grand Rapids, Michigan.’

Conway admittedly pivoted.

‘So I turned it around as I often do and I said thanks for the trip down memory lane, we loved him winning Michigan,’ Conway told Kurtz.

Talking about Trump’s Michigan win, and not his flip-flip on Comey, cued Cooper’s eye roll.

Conway suggested that the CNN host may have wanted to make news on his own.

‘Well, first of all, a lot of folks want these things to go viral, they think that’s the job of the news media now, which it’s not of course,’ she said.

But also pointed to it as an example of a more systemic problem – that Trump White House officials are automatically viewed with ‘suspicion’ by members of the media.

Trump himself had spoke about the ‘level of hostility’ he was receiving from reporters, when he spoke with Fox News Jeanine Pirro in an interview that aired Saturday.

Conway also chided reporters, who she says have written more than a dozen ‘palace intrigue’ stories, and yet couldn’t predict it would be Comey to first get the ax.

Axios reported Sunday morning that President Trump is mulling a ‘huge reboot‘ of West Wing staff, which could mean the removal of top aides including Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and counsel Don McGahn.

‘The fact is that they work on the 20th palace intrigue/personnel story of this young administration, they totally miss the firing of Jim Comey coming,’ Conway pointed out.

Conway wouldn’t verify or completely knock down the report that suggested more heads were about to roll, saying instead that it proved her point about the kind of coverage the administration gets.

‘The president has put together a team and everybody works very hard there. And he knows it,’ she began.

‘But he is the ultimate decision-maker and the fact is these palace intrigue and personnel stories make my point and make the president’s point about the type of coverage he gets and it makes my point completely,’ she went on.

‘What are you actually covering? Are you covering who’s up and who’s down in the West Wing, which, of course, you would know nothing about, or are you covering what impacts Americans,’ she asked.

Despite Trump’s low approval numbers, Conway argued that Americans are already seeing ‘the fruits of his labor.’

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