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Kandi Burruss Says Her Womb Is No Longer A ‘Great Place’ For A Baby To Be

Kandi And Her Husband Todd Think About Getting A Surrogate To Conceive Their Next Child

By: Brianna Wigfall

Real House Wives Of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss has been thinking about the idea of having another child with her husband Todd Tucker being that they have two embryos left from her most recent pregnancy. The couple had their son Ace, who is 2 1/2 years-old, via invitro. But now, Kandi says she doesn’t believe her body will be able to bear children due to her fibroids.

“I know there was still some fibroids after pregnancy,” she said. “I feel like it got worse because Ace is two now and nothing’s happening,” she told Dr. Jackie on Sunday nights episode of RHOA.

“After having multiple thyroid surgeries, and still the fact that I have not been able to get pregnant the last two years, I know that I am going to have to do the same process again. [I had] a couple of scares during my pregnancy with Ace. I was a high risk, and I did have bleeding a few times. So my womb is just, it’s not the best place to have a healthy pregnancy with no issues,” she said.

Being that Kandi doesn’t want to carry the child, she has considered getting a surrogate instead. When Kandi and Todd told the family about their plans to have more kids some were opposed to the idea especially Kandi’s daughter Riley Burruss.

“I feel fine telling you to leave them in the freezer,” the 16-year-old said on an episode of the RHOA despite her stepfather saying, “We’re not supposed to leave any teammates behind.”

Riley stood strongly on what she thought about her new potential sisters saying it isn’t a good idea. “You work too much,” she said. “I know I get sad when you come back for like, a day or two, and then leave back out.”

On Sunday nights episode Kandi and Todd went to visit Dr. Jackie to talk about the possibility of a surrogate and possibly having both the babies at once.

“I only want to do it if we can do them both. I don’t want to leave anybody behind,” Todd said. He says even if it came down to it they would, “need two surrogates” for both the eggs.

Dr. Jackie warned the couple that the price for a surrogate could be very high. “From $90,000- $130,000 to have a surrogate. And it’s going to cost you twice as much.”

At first, Kandi thought that would be a wild idea, but after Dr. Jackie insured her, it could work if she was on board. “I want to be able to know about all the checkups,” she said.

In early November Kandi confirmed with US Weekly that she and Todd found a surrogate through Dr. Jackie and are going through with the process. “We decided we want to get a surrogate. I guess we’re not taping anymore so I guess I can tell you that we did find someone, and right now we are int he process – you know it hasn’t been done – but we’re in the process.”

She says being that she doesn’t know anyone personally who has gone through with the process it’s been nerve-racking but Dr. Jackie has been really helpful through it all.

” In the beginning, I was kind of scared to do it and nervous about it because we don’t have any friends who have done it so its not like I have anybody I can call up on the phone like, ‘ girl what happened when you did this or when you did that.’ you know when we were going through the IVF process I did have a couple of friends who had done it so I could talk to them but this is a situation that I don’t have anyone to talk to.”

“The only person I can talk to about it is Dr. Jackie, and she can talk about it through a doctors point of view. So she helped Todd, and I find someone,” he explained.

Kandi says she believes Riley will warm up to the thought of having more siblings from the way she is with Ace.

” Riley’s like ‘you don’t need to have any more kids’ but she said that when we had Ace and now she’s in love with Ace.”

It looks like Kandi may need to call Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade to get some pointers on the surrogate mommy life!

Source: Atlanta Black Star, Us Weekly, Madamenoire

By: Brianna Wigfall | Web: | Instagram: Brianne. Live

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