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Journalist Calls Meek Mill Out For His Tweet About Lace-Front Wigs

On Tuesday, Meek Mill tweeted his feeling about lace front wigs; the tweet read, “Lace front wigs are wackkkk! I’m protesting them.

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You can see the tweet here:

In a series of tweets, Meek said he’s “protesting” lace-front wigs and gave descriptions of why he dislikes lace-front wigs. When people started coming for Meek, he responded, “Why y’all be so serious on here this stuff is not real life relax …”

Callahan then responded to Meek and referenced how Twitter was real life when it helped bring attention to his time in prison.

Most people criticized the journalist for treating Meek’s tweet too seriously and spawned a new debate.

However, some rushed to Callahan’s defense and argued his tweets belittle and dehumanize Black woman for choosing to wear wigs.

Meek responded:

Source: Twitter


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