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Jessica Williams Talks Beauty And Accepting Herself In Allure

Ahead of the debut of her Netflix original movie The Incredible Jessica James, Jessica Williams is opening up about her beauty regime and how she eventually learned to accept herself.

In the August issue of Allure, Williams, who usually wears her hair in braids, says she never made a big deal about getting her hair done.

“I have never been a ‘hair person,’” she explains. “Growing up, my mom and my sister, who loved to get their hair done, would always give me a hard time about not getting mine done. But I don’t like hurting. And a lot of the time, to get my hair done, I would have to get it hot-combed and pressed — and that involves having a really hot metal comb running through your hair.”

The actress also commented on why she prefers doing her own makeup.

“I’m a tomboy, but I really love doing my makeup — I find it relaxing and grounding,” Williams tells the magazine. “Even now, I bring my own stuff to shoots because a lot of makeup artists don’t know how to work with African-American skin — they’ll make me all one color.”

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