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Ivanka Imported 53 Tons Of Chinese Goods During Dad’s “Buy American” Speech

While Trump Accused China Of Stealing Manufacturing Work And Promised To Bring More Factory Jobs To The US, Huge Shipments Of His Daughters Merchandise Was Being Shipped From China As He Spoke.

Donald Trump promised in his inauguration speech to create jobs by buying American and hiring American. During his speech, huge shipments of Ivanka Trump’s merchandise were on the way to the U.S. from China. According to the New York Times, almost all of her goods are made overseas. Donald Trump’s own products are also made outside of the U.S. in countries such as India, China and Mexico. In 2012 he told David Letterman that his ties and shirts were made “some place,” and was reminded by the former late night host that they are made in China and Bangladesh.

SOURCE: Jamie Feldman, www.huffingtonpost.com

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