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It’s Not Just About How Much Money You Have But How You Manage It, By Michael Baisden

It’s Not Just About How Much Money You Have But How You Manage It, By Michael Baisden

Money plays a major factor in why women choose certain men. Of course they would never openly admit it, but it’s true. Personally, I believe the issue of money should always be a factor in choosing a man, especially if a woman is ready to start a family. I advise my daughter, who is in her mid twenties, to date older men who are established.

No, they don’t have to be rich but honestly speaking I would prefer she choose someone who is financially well off. Of course I want them to be in love but relationships cost money and so does raising a family. The idea of young women choosing men in their age group whom they can “grow with” is impractical and overrated. You can grow a lot of things but financial security isn’t one of them. That has to be earned over time.


  • It helps if you like him. My mother told me that as a young woman. Instead I dreamt of my own career that never got off. I really thought not me. I dont like pretending I like someone when i dont. Older man are fine, not too old but, I guess thats up to individuals.

  • Truth…I married for LOVE twice…I had the financial brain and the moneymaking ideas…they became jealous and tore everything down…I would build it up…they would tear it down…you have to be equally yoked…with one accord or it just won’t work! Once you are being taken advantage of it just doesn’t work. I don’t care how hard you try!!!!!…..

  • You have to see priorities…make a budget and stick to the plan…I have found that if it works on paper…it will work. You just have to stay the course. Usually when I have large money drops…I take a few days to pray and get some good direction. Then I began to go by order of importance…First things first. Next I break off some money for savings account and investments…I split the money between three or four accounts…Bills, Savings, Investments (Business accounts) and Miscellaneous which is for clothing, charity, eating out, Concerts and things of that nature…I try to find the best deals fur everything

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