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It’s Not About You It’s About Your Child

It’s Not About You It’s About Your Child

It’s a shame how much energy we waste destroying one another over issues that have nothing to do with our children. ~ Michael Baisden

Two years ago I walked in the Chase Bank in Miami Beach to make a deposit. I was directed to cubical where a young account manager was waiting, he introduced himself as Ricardo. While handling my transaction we struck up a conversation about fatherhood that lead to a deeper discussion about his break up with his girlfriend and how he was struggling to be a good father to his new baby girl. Ironically, I walked into that same bank today and Ricardo and I nearly bumped into each other at the entrance. This commentary is the result of the reunion.Ricardo

“Being a parent at any age is tough” I said to him two years ago. “But it’s really hard when you’re both young and immature.” Since then he has established a great relationship with his daughter’s mother and they’re getting along well and focusing on their daughter. I was flattered when he told me how much our talk made a difference. Thank you for that Ricardo. Sometimes we all need a different perspective.

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  • It’s hard when you don’t have a choice. My little girls” father” turned his back on her because I no longer wanted a relationship with him. Two years later I’m in a stable relationship with a man that loves us both and treats her as his own. So what am I to do if her” father” decides he wants her in his life? She has a dad and he us amazing.

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