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Is Social Media Making It Easier To Cheat?

Is Social Media Making It Easier Than Ever To Cheat? By Michael Baisden

An overwhelming number of the nation’s top divorce attorneys said that over the past five years they have seen an increase in the number of cases where cheating using social networks has been used as evidence.

I’ve been told by many of my single female friends on Facebook that they get hit on by more married men than single men. The married guys also list their status as married, and they post pictures of themselves and their wives. Is that bold or what? This is another example of how out of control and disrespectful men have become towards their significant other. It’s also a reflection of how desperate they perceive single women to be. Larry, who is a married 38-year-old teacher in New Jersey, made his point crystal clear. “Why should I hide the fact that I’m married? That’s just one less lie to tell when we hook up. If she takes the bait with the understanding that I have a wife and kids, she’s accepting that it’s all about having sex, period!”

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