Article Commentary

Instagram Models Are Being Called Out For Allegedly Trying To Turn Themselves Into A Black Woman

The Power Of Filters And Tans Are Real As These Instagram Models Allegedly Fool Viewers

By: Brianna Wigfall

Twitter is known for starting some of the wildest threads, and this one might just take the cake. A Twitter user by the name of Wannas World posed a question that went viral and everyone jump right on the bandwagon of outing these Instagram models.

“Can we start a thread and post all of the white girls cosplaying as black women on Instagram? Let’s air them out because this is ALARMING,” she wrote.

Tweet started to pour in of white Instagram models who appear to be black with tan skin and what some would saying culture appropriating. One Twitter user says, “I literally thought this girl I was following was some light skin black girl but turns out…”

Wannas World says the Tweet that made her question these Instagram models came for Dee and she’s, “truly disgusted.” She shared a photo of a message she received about a mutual Instagram friend who they felt was deceiving her followers.