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These Images Prove Life IS Beautiful: Acts Of Kindness Will Brighten Your Day

These images prove life IS beautiful: Acts of kindness that will melt the heart, from the umbrella left in a car sunroof to protect it from rain to coats put out for ‘anyone who’s cold’

Sometimes it seems as if the world’s generous and helpful people have done a disappearing act.

These photographs of acts of kindness and cute scenarios serve as a reminder that they’re actually all still out there.

Scroll down to have your faith in humanity topped back up. 

There’s the passer-by who put an umbrella in the open sunroof of a stranger’s car to protect it from the rain, for example, and the high school student who bought Vans trainers for the kids in his school who need special assistance.

A sunroof left open when it's raining is enough to dampen any driver's spirits - so the car owner who forgot to close his during a downpour and returned to find an umbrella had been deployed by a passer-by to keep the seats dry would no doubt have been very pleasantly surprised. They even got to keep the umbrella

In April 2017 window washers dressed as Power Rangers dangled outside windows at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, delighting the children. One girl battling cancer flexed her muscles for them through the windows of the oncology unit – the Power Rangers did the same