‘I’m gonna die, Momma’: Orlando Clubber Who Sent Heartbreaking Texts Mom Confirmed Dead

‘I’m gonna die, Momma’: Orlando clubber, who sent heartbreaking texts to his mother while he was trapped in bathroom during massacre IS confirmed as one of the 49 killed.

The petrified son who sent his mother texts telling her he ‘loved her’ as the marauding gunman opened fire inside Pulse nightclub has died.

Eddie Justice, 30, was trapped in a nightclub bathroom when he contacted his mother Mina for the last time in a series of messages.


The City of Orlando has now confirmed he was one of the 49 partygoers who were shot dead by Islamic extremist Omar Mateen on Sunday morning.

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orlando_3Eddie, who worked as an accountant, ran into the women’s bathroom to escape Mateen but he and a group were cornered.


orlando_1He asked Mina to call police as she arrived outside the Orlando gay nightclub in a desperate attempt to find her son.


  • For all families the families in Orlando, Florida I’m am so sorry for your loss .all of y’all have my sincere and condolences. Prayers goes out to the families in Jesus Name Amen..

  • broke my heart , his last words were text to his mother , very sad very heart wrenching my heart and prayers go out to the family

  • This is uncalled for wth is wrong with you as americans stand up to these idiots they need to be in theyre own country why are they here killing our people n our govornment is not doing a damn thing

  • I am so hurt by this whole ordeal…..what is happening to our Country? I pray that God comforts each and every family member involved. For it does NOT matter what kind of club it was; just know that they were someone’s babies and their lives were taken away from them. Praying asking God to heal the land in Jesus Name!!!!!

  • My condolences are with the families that have lost their loved ones and to the ones that are injured as well. Ppl need to redefine theirselves cause this is just sad and ridiculous to go and kill innocent ppl. This world is very cruel and they will get dealt with sooner than soon. I’m praying for everybody.

  • My heart aches for this mother faced with the feeling of helplessness as your child is scared and distressed and needs you the most, my prayers are that God will soothe and mend her broken heart!

    • To each its on ?? You mean (own) Shana. ?? And how dare you say that..?
      Done like that ?? Killed ? Of course nobody deserves to have this done to them or be killed in a senseless act of hate & violence. But i find your comment very insensitive. Shame on YOU !!!!

  • My heart hurts thinking about this message sent to mother. RIP brother
    My prayers are going up for all of the families

  • Hi I can’t even begin to say that I know what your going through. My heart goes out to all of you we all are feeling the pain of the senseless killing that took place Sunday morning. I would like to send my condolences to you and your family from the Williams family.

  • I’m really sorry for everyone who lost they lives in this horrible crime nobody deserves to die sending love and prayers to every one

  • This is so sad. I couldn’t imagine the pain that his family and the other victims family’s are going through. Rip❤❤❤❤❤

  • I’m so sorry for your loss.. The pain a mother feels due to the loss of a child is unimaginable. My heart and prayers goes out for you and your family. May you find peace, love, joy, forgiveness and understanding in the midst of this tragic time in your life. May your son Eddie rest in Gods loving arms as he awaits to see you one day again.. Be Blessed my sister… Prayers for Eddie Justice and Family..

  • I’m so Very Sorry For the Loss of Your Son and to all the family’s that has lost a loved one My Prayer are with you all.

  • Praying for this mother my son was murdered in 2005 I feel her pain. Keep God first don’t give up he got you he’s already working on it, it want be easy one day at a time one step at a time take your time and mourn the loss of your baby Remember the good times you had together that will bring a smile to your face, just those wonderful memories and his beautiful smile look. Attend a parent of murdered children group it’s very helpful it really helped me listening to other mothers who had been through it and they listen to me and let me get a lot off my mind it was very helpful having someone to talk to. My God bless all the families that’s dealing with this tragedy my heart goes out to you i will keep you in my prayers mothers stay strong.

  • So sad for you. This is a mother’s biggest fear and nightmare – that her child is in danger and she can do nothing to help. My heart goes out to you, from one mother to another. My prayers as well.

  • My heart aches as I write this. I have a 29 year old daughter who stays in Tampa and I am in Kansas City,MO. I wouldn’t know what to do if I got a text like this..but I know one thing I would have wanted to say goodbye. Noone wants to be helpless when it comes to a family member. I can’t say that I understand your pain because I don’t. I can say this …I hope your family is near for you to find some kind of comfort because this is the beginning of a hear felt journey to come condolences to you and your family……

  • How did security manage to slip and let someone in with all that artillery smh the club owner and workers need to be held accountable for all those lives they put in danger for lack of security

  • My prayers goes out to you and your family I’m full of tears for all the family what is the United States coming too we need more and more love and peace God help us….

  • You have my heartfelt felt sympathy but remember his last words for consolation, “I love you mom”! May God bless you and your family and may the lights of heaven shine it’s comforting lights upon you and your family and friends and give you peace.

  • My heart cries right now with sadness.. May God bless u and your family at this time .. I am so sorry truly this really hurts me !

  • I’m so sorry for this hatred that took the lives of people, including your son. Praying for you and all families affected by this tragedy.

  • I’m very sad about this tragedy that has happened. Lord I just pray for everyone who is effected by this outbreak of terror, hate, ungodly act. Were so we stand America? We as a country needs unity. We need to support, pray, encourage on another. This is were our new generation is headed into. No matter what color, race, sexual preference, religion we are here to love one another not kill nor put down, nor judge. I’m praying for America, for the world. This violence has gotten to stop. The hate and judgmental needs to stop, the bullying has to stop. People please, this should open everyone’s eyes up, and for us to realize that things need to change. Love one another, cherish each other and what life has to offer. You guys we only get one life, one life that’s it.


  • My heart is so heavy for this mother i cant image the pain and sadness..its so sad ….lord help us all in your name father god…Amen…Glory be to God..

  • No parent should have to bury there own child, let alone sit back helplessly as they are being killed. I pray that God mends her broken heart, my heart goes out to her.

  • I’m so deeply sorry for your loss Ma’am. May God continue to soothe your heart with comfort; and bless you through this tragic ordeal; Amen??????????

  • So sad. We have some very Evi Wicked ppl in this world! My heart goes out to this Momma. I can not imagine what she is going thru right now! Fly high Angel…..

  • I empathise with the family’s of all those who have been cowardly and callously killed and injured in this hate crime.May God give them the strength and fortitude to bear the loss

  • Just so heart breaking.Prayer is needed for all victims and there family.LORD please cover each family member.This will be a long road to recover.

  • My heart is filled with pain I didn’t know anyone personally but they were my LGBT FAMILY AND OUR LIVES MATTER TOO WE ARE HUMAN AS WELL…PRAYERS FOR MY LGBT FAMILY & PRAYING FOR BETTER DAYS

  • Ooohhh Lord
    How can this world and the cruelty within it …stop.
    A Mother’s pain
    A Sons’ last minutes alone reaching out for his Momma.
    My heart aches for them both
    God help us all

  • Lord Have mercy sooooooooooooo Sad. Ma’am I Pray God Strengthen you and your Family and give Yall Peace above ALL. Be Blessed and I’m soooooooooo Sorry for your Loss.

  • My heart aches for this mother and family and all the other people who have lost their lives in this horrific tragedy. I can not imagine being a mother of a child who has went through this or who has died. Words can not described my pain and sorrow of all who were affected by such hatred. Lord have mercy on us and be with us.

  • I’m so so sorry about your son,I really do understand, my 26 year old son is gay and he lives 30 minutes away from that club in Orlando Florida, and by the grace of God he were at home in his bed. My heart goes out to all the families and friends in Orlando Florida!

  • This is so sad I started to cry as think my babies. This crazy how p are this days. I’m a sorry for your lost . U are going be my prayer.

  • I can’t express in words how sorry I am for your heart aches just reading this…I pray for healing, strength and peace for you and your family. God bless you..#westandwithorlando

  • This is so terrible.. As a Mother of 3 sons, i could not imagine the pain this Mother must be feeling right now. And the hopelessness of not being able to help him. On the other hand, he texted his Mom. His last texts were to her. That must be of some comfort, no matter how small..


  • Being a mother myself, I can’t begin to imagine losing my child, even if they were grown. Reading his texts to his mother, bought tears to my eyes. We must pray for those families who loss loves ones during that tragedy!

  • This is a sad story.. No one deserves to leave this earth like this. The Lord said Vengeance is His. Evil shall be repaid.

  • My heart goes out to all of those directly affected by this devastating tragedy. It is heart breaking knowing that SO many people have had to feel such overwhelming grief. Mixed with so many other emotions. I recently lost my only child & the pain is debilitating. I send you all loving, healing &positive energy. If I could relieve the pain in your hearts I would. Much love to you Mina Justice, thank you for sharing your beautiful, loving & heroic son Eddie’s story. Peace and kindness✌….Theresa A. from Montana

  • No parent should ever have to plan a funeral for there child but there are no words for this type of hatred. My heart goes out to all of the families whose lives will forever be changed by this senseless crime. My deepest sympathy for all involved and I will continue to pray for the victims and their families.

  • Lord god all mighty i ask lord to lift my sister and give her strenght .and faith that you got her baby in your sister i feel for your loss i have a son that would hurt me. God bless you peace within.

  • My condolences and deepest sympathy go out to you and your family during your time of grief…. I pray for strength, healing and comfort….

    May God Bless us all…

  • God bless you Ms Mina….I could only Imagine how you felt and feels right now. My heart beats with yours and the other families from this tragic incident. I know he’s at rest in his father’s arms now. Rest my child rest. God be the Glory. My prayers are with you and your family. RIL my angel.. Eddie.

  • This was senseless violence as with all the killings across the country. It has gotten out of control. We need to defend our rights and our country. Protect our families

  • I’m sadend by this no one deserves what happened to them my prayers are with you all family and victims my heart aches for this mother I know she can’t sleep n looked at them messages over and over..God give them strength please lord

  • My deepest sympathy goes out to this mother for having to receive the worst phone call that ANY parent could have gotten.It was the young man natural instinct to reach out to his mother in the final seconds of his life, sadly & unfortunately a chance that never came to many of them.Wow !! Dont know whats worst ,for her to hear from him for the last time, or for the parents that never got to hear “mommy i love you for the last time ” truely an un- forgettable tragedy. (R.I.P.2the49)

  • The anguish she must feel…my heart aches for her, if there is any ability for her to feel some kind of peace right now is to know that she raised a good son, who trusted her enough to be the person he last leaned on, that he without a doubt loved her and needed her to know that before he left this earth. It’s a heartwrenching, but most precious gift.

  • May this young man and the rest of the souls lost RIP and my prayers to the families and friends for comfort. I stand with you and the rest of Orlando in prayers. ????????

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