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If You Just Want Sex, Be Honest About It!

Michael Baisden Commentary: If You Just Want Sex, Be Honest About It!

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Just Wanting Sex, Just Make Sure It’s Not A Secret To Your Partner

Many of us have gone through a phase in our lives where we didn’t want to be tied down and so we chose to engage in sexual relationships without a commitment. And for two consenting adults there’s nothing wrong with that. But the problem however, is when one person has expectations for no good reason or they are being misled by the words or actions of their partners.

I say actions, not just words, because oftentimes actions can be misinterpreted more so than words. For example, if you tell your partner you don’t want a serious relationship but consistently go by their home, sleep in his or her bed, engage in unprotected sex and cook in their kitchen that can be misinterpreted, as “I want a committed relationship”. That’s not sex without commitment, that’s playing house and playing games.

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