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“I Don’t Care At All” Porsha Williams Said When Allegations Of Fiancé Surfaced That He Has Tattoos Of Other Women Names

Porsha Williams Is In Love And Doesn’t Care What Was Done Before Her Time!

By: Brianna Wigfall


This season, The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been surrounded by gossip about Porsha William’s new boo, serial entrepreneur Dennis McKinley. So far, Porsha has been reluctant to bring him around the group of girls as she continues to date McKinley and ‘be happy’ in her new found relationship. Kandi Burruss has brought it to the girl’s attention that Dennis has tattoed other girls names and bought other women Rolex watches. She was also told that he had just gotten out of a relationship a month ago, in which he had been dating Williams at the same time!

“She’s dating that dude that owns Cru,” Kandi said.

“Yeah I know him, my friend dated him,” Kandi’s friend said.”But when we were in Africa, she found out because her friend text and said he’s with Porsha now and so it was a big situation.”

Kandi’s friend came to the Old Lady Gang restaurant and told her all about McKinley’s previous dealings with one of her friends. She said her friend was crying when she found out that Dennis was with Porsha after their two and a half year relationship but Kandi had more news to share.

“That can’t be right because I know a couple of girls that he was dating during that time,” Kandi said.

In the same moment, Porsha shared with her mother that Dennis got her name tattooed on his leg and she seemed very happy about the token of love.

ATLANTA, GA – OCTOBER 02: Porsha Williams attends WE tv Celebrates The Return Of “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” at Club Tongue & Groove on October 2, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for WE tv)

“He falls pretty quickly,” Kandi said. “And he tattoos people name on him. I know somebody name he got a tattoo of. I think he got her face and her name.”

Kandi’s friend said that Dennis got her name tattooed on him as well, bought her a Rolex watch, and cooks for her. She also stated that Dennis recruits his other women to get groceries and cook for his main woman and Porsha needs to ‘check his receipts’ because he has a lot going on.

Now that Porsha and Dennis are engaged and awaiting the arrival of their first child together she told PEOPLE that she doesn’t care what anyone had to say about her man.

“I don’t care at all,” the Dish Nation radio host said. “Everybody has a past. I’m 37 years old. Are you kidding? Who hasn’t dated other people before? Of course, he’s going to have exes. But that’s just who they are, exes! It’s the past. Whatever happened before Porsha doesn’t matter to me at all.”

“Dennis has millions of tattoos. And no, I haven’t seen any names or faces of any other women on his body besides his grandmother and his mother,” she continued. “But if he had one across his face, as long as he had it covered by the time we got together, I don’t care. And if he gave 100 watches to people, good for him. It doesn’t make mine less special. He’s a generous man. You should want to be with someone who is generous!”

Porsha says although she tries not to let the things said on the show get under her skin, now that she’s pregnant it bothers her and she thinks it was uncalled for.

“Normally when I see stuff on the show, it doesn’t bother me- I’m pretty unfazed. But I’m pregnant, so it’s kind of like, ‘Damn, let me live’. I haven’t always had the best luck at relationships. And when you haven’t always had the best luck at relationships, you then pray for a better relationship. You pray for someone who is going to treat you as you deserve. I finally got someone who treats me the way I need to be treated. Even though he’s not perfect, I’m not perfect; he’s the best thing for me. So for me, it’s just difficult for me to see someone talking sh*t. I just thought it was petty.”

Porsha says despite the drama on RHOA she is in a happy place and all her and Dennis have to worry about now is naming their soon to be born baby girl!

“One of the names that he [Dennis] has absolutely settled on – I’m not settled on it yet –  is PJ. PJ stands for Porsha Jr. He wants to name our daughter Prosha Jr.”

Source: Bravo TV, Instagram, PEOPLE, Getty Images

By: Brianna Wigfall | Web: Briannawigfall.weebly.com | Instagram: Brianne. Live