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How To Regain Trust In A Broken Relationship

Many Couples Struggle With Regaining Trust In Their Relationship After Infidelities — Dr. Battles Helps Couples Overcome This

By: Eboni Walker

Regaining trust in a relationship is one of the hardest things to do.

Once someone does something to hurt the other person in any way, the relationship is strained.

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Dr. Magdalena Battles suggest that couples struggling to regain trust in their relationships should try the “COME FORTH” method.

The “COME” portion applies to the person who is the offender in the relationship.


The first step to regaining trust in a relationship is to come clean about everything you’ve done wrong. It is always best for your significant other to hear the wrong things you’ve done from you. Finding out about your infidelities through text messages, social media or from another person, only makes the situation more hurtful.

When you are ready to come forward, your heart has to be in a place of seeking forgiveness. At no point when confessing, should you accuse your partner of doing something wrong which led to your infidelity.