Home Intruder Tries To Jump In The Shower With A Woman Then Starts Washing Dishes

A man invaded a New Jersey home and tried to join a woman in the shower before she called the police, who arrived and found him washing the dishes.

James King made his way into the Hackensack home through an open window and frightened a woman when she realized a stranger was in the bathroom, ready to strip off his clothes and climb into the shower with her, NBC reported.

The woman quickly ran into the bedroom and called the police, who found King washing the dishes and claiming he was the family’s caretaker.

The woman who was in the shower initially thought her sister Mikah Diaz had entered the bathroom on Wednesday morning.

But she soon realized it was a stranger in the bathroom, and screamed at him in horror as he started to take his clothes off, CBS reported.

She quickly grabbed a towel, bolted out of the bathroom and locked herself in a bedroom where Diaz was watching her baby nephew.

Diaz recounted her sister’s panic while they called the police and hid in the bedroom waiting for them to arrive.

‘She was having a hard time breathing. I think she was shocked. She locked the door and collapsed onto the floor,’ Diaz told CBS.

When the cops arrived, they found King in the kitchen, claiming he was the family’s caretaker while he washed the dishes.

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