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Hillary Clinton May Receive An Apology From Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky Says If The Opportunity Presents Itself  She Will Apologize To Hillary Clinton

By: Brianna Wigfall

“The Clinton Affair” will premiere on A&E on Sunday and the three-night documentary will recall the impeachment of Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice going into details about his affair with the help of Monica Lewinsky. Lewinsky says this is her chance to tell her side of the story in her own words after being suppressed to silence for many years. She began in the late 1990’s as an intern at the White House and gained recognition after her affair with the former president Bill Clinton.

Lewinsky recalls the worst time of her life at 22-years-old in a personal writing to Vanity Fair being questioned about her affair with the President of The United States. “The worst was unearthing a stash of ‘memorabilia’, if you will, from the 1998 investigation: the front page of The New York Times from when I was forced to fly cross-country to be questioned by the House impeachment managers, a second front page with a grainy photograph of me being sworn in before my Senate deposition, and a faced Xerox of a Los Angeles Times article with the headline: “The Full Monica: Victim or Vixen?”