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UPDATE: Hate Crime Charge Dropped Against Teens For Burning Trump Sign But Still Face Charges

Although the teens Joy Shuford and D’Asia Perry will be back in court on May 22nd, according to a statement from the police department the hate-crime charges were dropped against them for burning a Trump campaign sign but other charges remain.  ‘The decision to dismiss the charges was based upon a joint decision between the Princess Anne Police Department and the Somerset County State’s Attorney’s Office upon reviewing the case,’ which was in a statement from Timothy R. Bozman, chief of the Princess Anne Police Department.

The Baltimore Sun reports in an interview with David Rocah, a senior attorney with the ACLU of Maryland, said it was “beyond absurd” that the hate-crime statute was used in this case and reflects “a profound misunderstanding of what the Maryland hate-crime statute says.”

In Maryland, the law targets crimes motivated by a victim’s race, color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, disability, national origin or homelessness.

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