Harvey First Responder Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Floodwater But Survives After Surgeries

A first responder has contracted a flesh-eating bacteria in the floodwaters of Harvey and was lucky to survive after multiple surgeries.

Former firefighter and medic J.R. Atkins was kayaking through floodwaters to check on his neighbors in Missouri City, Texas last week when he was infected with the deadly bacteria.

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‘I went kayaking from my house to the back side of my neighborhood checking on people’s provisions and attitudes’ on August 29, Atkins recalled in a Facebook post.

‘Came home around 4pm and noticed a small bite on my left arm, not huge but probably nickel-sized swelling,’ he recalled.

The next morning, the swelling had spread dramatically, and Atkins trained eye recognized that something was very wrong.

He suspected a mosquito bite had allowed bacteria from the floodwaters under his skin, and fortunately by that time the floodwaters had receded enough to allow escape from his neighborhood.

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