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Girl Has Seizure After Boy Bodyslams Her To The Ground In A Fight Over A Phone

Shocking moment a 15-year-old girl is body slammed to the ground by a boy after a fight about a phone, causing her to have a seizure

A 15-year-old California girl is recovering after being body slammed by a boy in a fight over a phone, causing her to hit her head and suffer a seizure.

The incident is believe to have occurred on Sunday outside a house in Vallejo and was captured on video.

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The footage shows the girl, identified as Holly Wrixon, arguing with the boy, Morgan Johnson, on a driveway surrounded by other teenagers.

Wrixon is seen trying to slap Johnson, and he initially tries to stop her, but suddenly just grabs Wrixon and slams her to the ground.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube multiple times, shows Wrixon hitting the concrete hard, with Johnson on top of her.

She is briefly knocked out by the heavy blow. A friend of Wrixon’s, also female, then starts attacking Johnson for what he did, screaming and hitting him.

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