GAP Employees Refund Customer For 17 Year Old Shirt

Gap Manager Upset After Employees Gives Customer Full Refund On A Shirt That Was Purchased In 2000.

Many of us have gone back to the shops with an unwanted item a few days after the return deadline in the hope of encountering a sympathetic sales assistant.

But one cheeky customer managed to full off the ultimate return coup by getting a refund at GAP for a shirt that was bought well over a decade ago.

Naturally the store manager was not impressed when the error was discovered and hung the shirt with a note, saying: ‘Who on earth accepted this as a return?!?!?! This item is from the summer of 2000! That was almost 17 years ago!’

An image of the offending item has caused much hilarity on Reddit where it received more than 65,000 up-votes after being share by thevintagekid.


The shirt, which is a size XL and cost $24.50 at the time prompted many amused Redditors to comment on the unlikelihood of such an event.

Many users were surprised that the GAP sale software would allow such a return to happen.

xjimbojonesx said: ‘I’m amazed that their POS [point of sale] software would allow a return that old without a managers approval.’

And DangoDemolisher agreed, saying: ‘Also amazing that the manager didn’t know who accepted the return, which would be nearly impossible at any GAP.’

 Lots of commenters blamed the unusual situation on the customer being fussy.

Waking wrote: ‘I’m sure the employee scanned the barcode and it came up blank in the system.

‘The customer was probably throwing a fit, so the employee just shrugged, rung them up for store credit, then moved on with their life.

‘GAP lost a couple dollars but the customer is happy and they can throw this on the clearance rack. NBD [no big deal].’


omgfmlhatemylife said: ‘If someone can manage to keep their original receipt from a clothing purchase for almost 17 years (and have it be in reasonable condition), damn…they deserve that return.’

Meanwhile others speculated on the situation that would make such a return possible.

Misterydude had a possible explanation for the mix-up, writing: ‘It was a guy in a coma, he bought the shirt and never got a chance to try it on because the next day he was hit by a car.

‘When he finally awoke from his coma 17 years and 20 days later, he tried his new shirt on but unfortunately he didn’t like the way it made his chest look.’

And thedeadlyrhythm42 pointed out that: ‘The salesperson who processed it may not even have been born yet when this thing was sold.’


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