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Future Is At It Again: His Alleged Sixth Baby Mama Comes Forward And Says He Put A Hit Out On Her

Futures Alleged 6th Baby Mama Says Future Told Her To Get An Abortion And She Refused

By: Brianna Wigfall

Just weeks after rapper, Future, celebrated his child with model Joie Chavis at their baby shower he may be expected to attend another sooner than he anticipated. Model Eliza Reign came forth with a 10-page essay explaining that she’s pregnant with Future’s child and she’s also afraid for her life. She claims to have been trying to lay low and take it easy due to her having a high-risk pregnancy, but now she says she’s speaking out for the safety of herself and her family.

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“I tried my best to keep this a secret, not only for my own sanity but due to the fact that I know (or thought) my child’s father deeply appreciated his privacy,” Reign said. “I feel that no woman should have to endure the type of mental abuse and stress I’ve encountered behind this pregnancy.”

Eliza says her and Future had been ‘messing around on and off’ for two years and this year around her birthday she noticed she wasn’t feeling well.

“I started getting sick and eventually found out I was pregnant by him, and I let him know,” she said.

Reign says Future was not happy about the news and asked her to get an abortion. “The most hurtful part about it was when he said ‘I gotcha. Let me know when it’s done’, that’s when I realized how savage he was, and also how he obviously thinks I’m a heartless, dumb chick who he can just throw dollars at for something as serious as this is.”

The model says she has carried her child past the first trimester and due to her being in her mid-30s she didn’t want to take the risk of never being able to have any kids due to the abortion, so she refused. When she told Future about her decision, she says he went ‘ballistic.’ She claims that people from Future’s ‘camp’ started calling her and asking people at her job about her and she began calling out of work due to fear.

The model says Future hates to use condoms and the pair has been having unprotected sex for years. She says Future called her ‘foul’ for not aborting the baby and says that she’s a scammer and a h**. She makes sure to clear the rumors of her trying to ‘trap’ Future saying if she wanted to have his baby she could have done that a long time ago.

“I could understand if I trapped him with a condom trick or something but me and dude literally had sex for years unprotected!”

She says on top of that she has dealt with high profile celebrities who are much wealthier than future which she could have ‘trapped’ if she wanted to.

“He also truthfully isn’t the most high profile or richest celebrity I ever had a relationship with and if I was gone trap I would’ve trapped somebody else.”

Reign claims after having a heated conversation with Future he blocked her from contacting him. She says she then received phone calls saying that Future ‘wants my (reign) head’ and telling others that he should, ‘put money on my (reign) head.’ She says she was so scared that she had quit her job and is living from hotel to hotel so no one can find her location.

“They even told me the amount,” she said. “It’s sad to think a person that I laid up with for years would put a price tag/value on my death and the death of their unborn child. I haven’t stopped crying,” she continued.

She claims the purpose of her going public with her accusation is to save her life and hopefully scare Future from allegedly putting a hit out on her. The post has since been deleted by Instagram, but that has not kept Eliza quite. She then went to her Insta Snap story to warn everyone if something happens to her then the world would know what happened.

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By: Brianna Wigfall | Web: | Instagram: Brianne. Live