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From Twin Sisters To Twin Brothers: Siblings Create A New Bond When They Decide To Transition Together

Twins born as sisters are now sharing their lives together as brothers.

Angel and Fabien Griffin have always thought alike, even when it comes to sexual preferences. When one of the twins revealed to the other that she wanted to change her sex, the revelation became a coming out journey for both of them.

The pair shared their story with Barcroft TV. Their childhood was pretty normal for the most part, and they can’t say it was “good or bad.” Angel said he and his brother ( sister at the time) were 10 or 11 years old when they acknowledge they weren’t happy with themselves.

“We started changing, back and forth, the way we [were] dressing,” Angel said.  “It wasn’t really a back and forth. We were wearing certain clothing, but we would still try to pull off, ‘Oh no! There’s nothing wrong. We’re girly.”

Fabien added, “When we went to high school, I tried to force myself to dress girly. I was really uncomfortable. I felt like I was literally trapped.”