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Former NFL Star Je’Rod Cherry Sells First Super Bowl Ring For Charity

Former New England Patriot Safety Sold His Super Bowl Ring To Raise Money To Build An Orphanage In Thailand Saving 24 Children.

Thanks to NFL star Je’Rod LePatrick Cherry, and his willingness to part with his most sentimental Super Bowl ring, two dozens orphans in Thailand are on their way to a better life.

Cherry raffled off his first Super Bowl ring, won with the New England Patriots in 2002. The raffle raised $200,000 for charities of Cherry’s choosing.

One of those charities, Asia Hope, which builds orphanages in Thailand, Cambodia and India, says that Cherry’s donation is directly responsible for the building of an orphanage that houses two dozen hill tribe children in the Doi Saket district of northern Thailand, a half-hour outside Chiang Mai, according to ESPN.

Without the orphanage, the children might otherwise die, become drug dealers, or have to work in sex slavery. But at Asia’s Hope, the children have a 90 percent high school graduation rate and go on to work in various industries.

Cherry got the idea to sell one of his three rings when he attended a teen-organized charitable event with his wife, and when the event came up $20,000 short of their goal to build an orphanage, a girl jokingly suggested that Cherry sell one of his rings.

At the time, Cherry laughed it off, but then he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

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