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Former Hospital Employee Is Fired For Wearing A Confederate Shirt With A Noose To Go Vote

Clayton Hickey, of Olive Branch, Mississippi, is jobless, why…

Well for some reason, he thought it would be a great idea to rock a Confederate flag shirt with a noose captioned with the words, “Mississippi Justice,” to go vote. A voter took a picture of  Hickey that day, and  it went viral on social media. Word circled back to his job at Regional One Health in Memphis about his political and social views. After a thorough investigation, they canned him.



The hospital released the following statement:

“As of today, November 8, 2018, we have completed our investigation and what we learned led to the termination of the employee in question. Regional One Health holds employees to a high standard. We are committed to upholding our mission to provide compassionate care and exceptional services to all. This includes fostering a safe and protected work and care environment for all. Behaviors contrary to these principles are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”