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Former Anorexic Posts Raw Photograph Urging Women To Love Themselves

3a599e2e00000578-3932948-change_ms_crabbe_said_she_had_spent_her_life_thinking_she_had_to-a-3_1479087247799A recovered anorexic has drawn praise on Instagram, thanks to an affirming message encouraging other women to love themselves, whatever size or shape they are.

Megan Jayne Crabbe, 23, from Essex, posted a raw comparison photo on Instagram last week, with the opening line: ‘I think that one of these pictures is more beautiful than the other. But it’s not the one you think.’

The accompanying photos show Ms Crabbe stood tall and slim on the left, and then sitting down, with visible stomach rolls and make-up-free, on the right.

In both photos, she is smiling.

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3a599e4e00000578-3932948-image-a-1_1479085263027‘One would be called curvy, the other fat,’ Ms Crabbe wrote on her detailed caption with the split photo.

‘One looks like a “before”, the other looks like an “after”. One will inspire people to tell me that I’m unhealthy, unworthy, unlovable.

‘The other will be praised, admired, desired. And even though I’ve spent my life believing that the version of me on the left is more valuable than the version on the right, I’ve changed my mind now.

‘I think it’s more beautiful just to be yourself.’

Ms Crabbe went on to say that the photo on the left is ‘posed’, ‘polished’ and ‘unnatural’:

‘It was taken with all the pressures of what a “perfect” body should look like in mind,’ she said.

3a599e2600000578-3932948-moving_forward_the_rolls_on_my_stomach_the_cellulite_dotting_my_-a-4_1479087247831‘In the picture on the right, I am relaxed. I am content. I am celebrating all the parts of myself I’ve been taught to be ashamed of for my whole life.

‘The rolls on my stomach, the cellulite dotting my thighs, my face bare and my mind free from what anybody else wants me to be.

‘And that freedom is beautiful.’

Ms Crabbe, who wrote on her website about her struggle with anorexia and who now describes herself as a ‘body positive warrior’, regularly shares realistic photos of herself and others to her 318,000 Instagram followers.

And this message has resonated as much as many of her posts, with nearly 50,000 likes already.

3a599e3700000578-3932948-viral_these_days_ms_crabbe_has_more_than_300_000_followers_on_in-a-1_1479087247775‘I spent so many years of my life counting calories, working out and starving myself to get to a size 8 and all of that time I was miserable and low,’ one person wrote.

‘I love the message you are putting across. You are beautiful!’.

Other women have since taken to social media to share similarly candid comparison photos of themselves, too.

31-year-old self-described ‘fitness junkie’, Ashlie Molstad, also posted a split shot in similar poses.

‘Same girl. Different angles,’ she posted to her 10,000 Instagram followers.

‘I say that the real magic happens when we embrace who we are, at every angle and size.’


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