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Florida Man Kills Girlfriend and Her Son After An Argument Over Switching TV To Watch Football

Tyrone Johnson, 42, is charged with murder and aggravated child abuse. Deputies say the domestic dispute started after he switched the TV channel to watch football.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded to a double homicide Sunday night at the Mariner’s Cove Apartment complex in Tampa. When they got there, they found the bodies of a 34-year-old female and a 10-year-old male. Deputies arrested Johnson, who was still on the scene when they arrived. Authorities called the incident domestic-related. It started over an argument over watching football on television.

“As a result of this domestic dispute we have a 34-year-old female and a 10-year-old child who have succumbed to their injuries and died here at the scene,” Hillsborough County Sheriff, Chad Chronister said.

The incident started when Johnson allegedly changed the channel to watch football. The couple started arguing, and Johnson went to the bedroom to pack his belongings and leave.  According to the affidavit, he had been using a knee roller to move around after getting surgery on his foot he had injured while in the military.