Five-Year-Old Boy Found Alone On Busy Road Walking Home To Escape Bullies On School Bus

Five-Year-Old Boy Found Alone On Busy Road After Pretending He Had Parental Permission To Walk Home To Escape ‘Spitballs’ From Bullies On School Bus


A five-year-old boy was found alone on a roadside after attempting to walk home from school instead of getting the bus where he said bullies threw ‘spitballs’ at him.

Kenneth Hotard, from Houma, Louisiana, misled his substitute teacher by telling her that he had a note from his mother giving him permission to walk instead of getting the school bus.

He was later found half a mile from school walking in the wrong direction by a stranger who reported him to police, reported 4WWL.

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His mother Kathleen, who usually meets him off the bus was shocked when the bus pulled up and her son did not step off the bus.

She said: ‘I usually can hear the bus come around the corner and I’ll walk to the edge of our driveway…

‘The driver opened the doors and my child was not on the bus.’

When the driver told her that she did not know where he was she was terrified.

She said: ‘You get this pit in your stomach because you don’t know where your child is. You don’t know if they’re okay or if they’re crying for you.’

Kenneth said he did not want to get on the bus because he gets bullied.


‘Every week they throw spitballs, and they land on my ear,’ he said.

When his mother spoke to the school they told her Kenneth had told them he had a note from a parent giving him permission to walk home.

He was found after a member of the public notified police that he was walking alone on a busy road.

Kathleen said the school superintendent told her they are investigating what happened but she said ‘accountability needs to be taken by the school’.

‘I don’t want any other parent to ever have to feel what I felt. I don’t want any other child to be on a side of a road by themselves scared,’ she said.

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  • It never seems to be enough in bringing awareness of how serious bullying is. How many more children must we lose, and or be harmed enough, maybe to death before a bill is produced in Washington, that sets a very strong message to parents of bullies, that if you sit back and allow your children to bully other children, the parents will be charged for the crime. Enough of this small talk, there needs to be full action, and all the way to Washington.

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