First Black Valedictorian In Mississippi District Forced To Share Honor With White Student

A black family suing to get their daughter recognized as sole valedictorian of her historically white high school has been devastated by a string of racist hate messages.

Sherry Shepard is suing the school district in the Delta town of Cleveland, Mississippi, alleging her daughter was forced to share the school’s top honor with a white girl, despite earning the accolade outright.

But since news of the lawsuit broke she has been hit by a barrage of vile posts attacking her and her daughter Jasmine.

‘You n*****s and your self entitled actions make me sick,’ wrote Jacob Francis on a Facebook page JusticeForJasmine. ‘You shouldn’t even be at the same school as white people!’

He ended his foul message: ‘Black lives don’t mean s***!’

Jasmine responded with her own message. ‘Throughout my life, my parents shielded me from (such) behavior…, but now I see that I will have to face this head on,’ she wrote.

‘You can send me these types of messages but those sentiments will not be returned.’

But still messages keep coming. David St Clair, who said he was Canadian, wrote: ‘You’re simply butthurt that another student is white and you feel like you deserve special attention simply based on the color of your skin.’

Stephen Bearden called Sherry Shepard a ‘thieving racist’ in one post and suggested she should be sued for slander in another. ‘Feel free to leave Mississippi and live in Iraq or Syria,’ he wrote in a third.

And Eric Rowe added: ‘Stop playing the “I’M BLACK SO I’M SPECIAL” card and put on your grown-up pants.’

Jameson Oxford Baker II called both Jasmine and Sherry ‘racist’ and ‘b****’ in two separate posts. ‘Using god to disguise your hatred sent you straight to hell,’ he told Sherry.

Sherry and white student Heather Bouse were named co-valedictorians at Cleveland High School in May last year. The school district says they had identical grades.

But the Shepards claim that because Jasmine took more AP classes, the district’s own rules meant that she should have won the title outright.

They say the school has never had co-valedictorians before – nor has a black student ever been awarded the honor outright at any time in the school’s 110-year history.

Both mother and daughter declined to talk to

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