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Funeral Set For Iyana Lowery, The Kidnapped 8-Year-Old Girl Found Dead In Swamp

WPDE News reports that the funeral services for 8-year-old Iyana Lowery will be Saturday at 11am.  Her mother Ella Lowery, was laid to rest on Monday at the Sawmill Missionary Baptist Church where her family and friends gathered to say their final goodbyes.

“The church was packed from front to back and [I’m] just glad people came out to show their respect, you know. She touched so many hearts, so many lives,” said Mia Sturdivant, a childhood friend of Ella’s.

Iyana was found ten days after she was reported missing following the murder of her mom at home on Craig circle in Bennettsville.

“She was one that was very caring. She never harm nobody, always compassionate, willing to help,” said her cousin, Willis Brown.

“She was just a sweet person, didn’t do no wrong to nobody, didn’t hurt nobody, just been there for you, know so many people and I just hate that I have to come here for this. You know, I had just talk to her. We had just celebrated our birthdays, we’re both Pisces,” Sturdivant said.

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