Feel More Exhausted During The Holidays?: Here’s How To Be Festive AND Rested

Why the Holidays seriously mess with your sleep – and leaves you off-kilter for weeks after

If I were to design a laboratory experiment that reliably disturbed sleep and increased fatigue for eight to ten days, it would look a lot like the festive period. To understand why, you need to consider how normal sleep works.


Our routine is thrown out of sync during the holiday period. Loughborough University psychologist Kevin Morgan explains how this wrecks havoc on our sleep, and how to offset itSleep is controlled by three things: the supply-and-demand relationship between sleep and wakefulness or ‘homeostasis’ – in a nutshell, the longer we stay awake, the greater the pressure to sleep; the body clock (or circadian rhythm) which syncs our sleep-wake cycles with the 24-hour day so that we feel sleepier during darkness than during light; and psychological factors that calm us down in readiness for sleep.

Normally, these processes work in harmony. So we are most likely to fall asleep when sleep pressure is high, our circadian rhythm tells us it’s bedtime and our minds are calm.

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