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Father Of Dr. Nassar’s Victims Who Rushed Him In Court Donates To Sex Abuse Survivors

The dedicated dad who was heartbroken and enraged in court behind his three daughters who were abused by Dr. Larry Nassar raised many funds to support rape survivors.

Photo credits: ABC News/KSAT Channel 12

The criminal case of Dr. Larry Nassar, an Olympic gymnastics physician who preyed on underage females is making national headlines and a man who is the father of three of Nassar’s victims has also become well-known himself.

Randall Margraves (pictured) is an articulate, blue-collar man who became nationally known after the monster who sexually molested his three daughters was well on his way to be sentenced to a vast number of years in prison.

None of those young, innocent, and beautiful female athletes deserved what was done to them. Simone Biles was also one of the other well-known young female Olympic athletes who was sexually violated by Dr. Nassar. However, Margraves rightfully sought street justice during Nassar’s sentencing by lunging at the disgraced physician in court.