Facebook Murder Victim’s Girlfriend Reveals His Last Words To Her And What She Told Their Children

The young woman who had two children with slain senior citizen Robert Godwin has revealed her lover’s last words to her, minutes before he was murdered.

Wiping away tears, Angela Smith, 34, said the 74-year-old had promised to be back quickly after a brief pursuit collecting empty soda cans, which was his hobby.

‘He said “I love you girl” as he left. He always said that. He was looking forward to the lunch I was cooking.

‘He said “Call me when the food done” and I was laughing as I said “Ok I’ll call you. I got you”.

‘He loved my chicken and dressing and couldn’t wait to eat it.’

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But Mr. Godwin never came back. He was murdered at random and in cold blood by shooter Steve Stephens, who is now a fugitive and being hunted nation wide.

She said Mr. Godwin, who was killed close to the house she shares with their children, had been collecting tin cans for years as a hobby after retiring in 2011.

‘My Baby-daddy had money in the bank. He was driving a 2016 (car). It wasn’t about selling the cans, it was his hobby.

‘Whenever we went to the grocery store, he’d be checking for cans. This was nothing out of the ordinary for him. He didn’t need no money.

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