Facebook Live Killer Steve Stephens Final Words: “I Need My McNuggets!”

The man wanted for shooting dead a 74-year-old man and posting video of the heinous act to Facebook has committed suicide.

A tip came in shortly after 11am Tuesday that a car matching the description of Steve Stephens’ white Ford Fusion was at a McDonald’s near Erie, Pennsylvania, said Cleveland, Ohio Police Chief Calvin Williams at a press conference.

A worker recognized Stephens as he was waiting in his car to pick up his meal of chicken nuggets and fries.

By the time he pulled up to the pick-up window, employees were on the phone with state police.

One of the fast food workers tried to stall Stephens by saying his fries weren’t ready yet and he did not respond well to the delay.

‘I can’t wait! I need my McNuggets!’ he screamed before speeding off.

Cops got to the establishment in time to see Stephens leaving and a short chase ensued.

Eventually cops cornered Stephens on a stretch of Buffalo Road, near an old elementary school, where he came to a stop.

Officers were walking over to arrest Stephens when he shot himself inside his vehicle around 11.10am.

Erie is located about 100 miles east of Cleveland, where Stephens shot dead Robert Godwin on Sunday, in a random act of violence after breaking up with his girlfriend.

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On Monday, Cleveland cops said they had expanded their search to five states including Pennsylvania.

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