Ex-NFL Player Rae Carruth Will Be Greeted By Son He Tried To Have Murdered After Release From Prison

Rae Carruth’s disabled son, 17, will confront the NFL star when he’s released from prison

Rae Carruth will face the child he tried to kill when he is finally freed from prison in 2018.

Carruth, a former wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, is nearing the end of his sentence for the 1999 murder of Cherica Adams, who was pregnant with his son Chancellor Lee Adams at the time.

Now 17, Chancellor will be waiting outside the North Carolina prison where the father he has only ever met once is being held.
Chancellor has grown up with his grandmother Saundra Adams, who has raised him since the death of his mother.

Carruth wanted Cherica Adams to have an abortion when he found out she was pregnant with their child, but she refused.

That’s when Carruth is said to have hired a man to kill her.


Cherica was shot four times while eight months pregnant. All four bullets missed Chancellor but as Adams lost blood, the child sustained permanent brain damage.


  • She crazy I wouldn’t forgive him. It does not matter that’s his father. He didnt want to be that child’s father from the get go so that’s why he had her nurdered. Handsome son he missed out on. He looks exactly like him. No doubt about that.

    • But like she said she had to forgive to give unconditional love. Imagine if she didn’t? She could of easily said I’m not taking care of this child and he’ll end up in foster care, she could of abused him from anger or something similar

    • The forgiveness isn’t about him, it’s about her healing and her connection to the son. Forgiveness is never about the perpetrator but the victims

  • I’m speechless! I have so many thoughts I can’t even say. I’ve ben keepin up with this story from day one! Very sad. I hope tha guilt stays with him forever. It was such a senseless act of violence!

  • It is my fervent prayer that God will speak over this young man’s life. God bless black grandmothers . lm sure he has enriched her life as well. I would take him to the prison during the release date ( out of the glaring eyes of the media) so Rae could have one meeting with him if he chooses not to have anymore contact with him that’s between him and God

  • All I can say is Wow one brave grandmother. Being a mother of three young men I can understand the importance of a father and son relationship. IT’S a sad story because all parties lost a lot in this Rae being alter and this young man loss is mom and never being able to have that love a child needs from b his parents and also that fact that he was robbed of his full life potential

  • Sometimes…it’s best to let it all go and let GOD handle that part. I believe, Chancellor is greater than ALL of this. He has a wonderful support system, he doesn’t need the band-aide ripped off all over again on how and who took his mother from him.

  • I wondered if the baby was killed when he hired his friends to murder his ex!!!!
    This guy has no feelings, no heart!!!!!

  • He didn’t want him in the first place, now you want to force some one to care about some one he didn’t want to be borm, the child will know and have to work to get over the emotional rejection. Why would you want to inflict this on the child that already has challenges. Insult on top of injury.

  • First I would like to say God is Awesome.. I don’t know if I could ever forgive a man for murdering my daughter.. However the grandmother truly an exceptional woman.. All I can say is God is a forgiving God and I pray that all works out for the Best.. Hopefully Carruth asked for God’s forgiveness I’m sure he is suffering seeing that he cause his son to have disabilities..

  • Bless Sandra Adams. This is definitely a sign that our Heavenly Father is able. A lot of us are not strong enough to forgive for little things yet the person who murdered or had murdered our family member.




  • Damn!!! Least he kan do is take care of his son he ain’t broke!!! Chip in help the young man live, help YOUR son live and deal with the fact that you did that. You better try BOY!!

  • I’m sorry, but I would not let that man anywhere near Carruth. He has not made any attempt to contact him or admit what he did, he does not deserve to be a father. I cannot understand why he will ever get out of jail. If he could do something like this to his child and the mother of his child then he is capable of doing anything.

  • He does not deserve to be in this beautiful child’s life. He doesn’t even make an effort to know anything about the young man. Sad story.

  • Its really sad because he made his own son disabled. He could have been an athlete like him or had a very successful career. This young man wont hold any hatred in his heart towards his father even though he robbed him of having a life with his mother he will love Rae. His grandmother has a beautiful spirit because she wants him to kmow his father. I hope Rae will love this young man and treat him better than he treated his mother.

  • I just can’t even imagine what he is going to say to this young man.
    This story broke my soul…
    I’m so glad he looks like his beautiful Mother.
    Definitely the eyes!!!!!
    Kim Started

  • Lady…..smdh….lady…uggg. I respect that you forgive him but in my Maya Angelou voice.,”when someone shows you who they are believe them the first time”. That monster has taken your daughter and almost your grand child. Ummmmm keep him as far away as possible before he tries to finish the job. If he made NO effort to communicate or ask for forgiveness THEN he has NOT changed and grown. He has NOT made peace within himself and probably feels he did nothing wrong. Dont be suprised uf he still blames your daughter for taking his career and sending him to jail. Most likely he is still an a $$. While closure has come for you, protect your grand baby at all cost.

  • I commend the Grandmother on her forgiveness of him, and wanting to raise her grandson with a forgiving heart and all…

    But there is no way in Hell I’d be taking my Grandson to see the cowardly murderer who killed his Mom! He took away the chance of him ever meeting her, and IS the reason he has the medical condition! Rae isn’t worthy of having that relationship with him!
    His Mom’s killers’ face is a constant reminder of why she is no longer here with us so why put him through those negative emotions. No way would I be taking him to see Evil, nor want him to have a relationship with the DEVIL…But that’s just me!

    I wish her luck, but hope she remembers 1 thing…you can’t make a man be Father…It’s clear he didn’t want to be one anwway!

  • If someone has wronged you no matter how big or small the sin is, you forgive them. Not for them but yourself. We do it so we can move forward and the person or event has no power over our future. I do not agree with what he did, but thats for God to judge. Being a mom of three daughters I cant even imagine the pain of losing one but to hold on to resentment, pain and anger only lets him win. May God bless the grandmother for all she has went through. And continue to go through. What ever her choice to let him meet his father or to hide the truth from him, may she find some sort of peace. I hope and pray she gets it. God bless her!

  • I can only imagine how difficult this must be for grandma knowing this fool and coward had her daughter murdered and her grand son permanently disabled . I believe she’s doing the right thing this beautiful young man will see through that cowardly snake oil punk and all his lies as soon as he spends sometime with him. She will be blessed. And he can continue to deny his involvement but God knows better he hasn’t finished paying his punishment .

  • This young man look just like his father. So sad that his dad is a worthless piece of crap. He should be bending over backwards trying to make it right for the biggest mistake he made in his life. Honestly, I dont know how this piece of crap is getting the chance to be released. Thank God for grand parents. I am glad one of the grand parents stepped up to do the right thing.

  • This is truly a heart felt story. I commend ms.Adams on being a blessed and big person. Where most of people can never forgive it is God’s will to forgive our enemies and the people who have done us wrong. I am still learning that myself. God bless ms. Adams and her grandson.

  • I am so very pleased that this woman has chosen to genuinely forgive Rae. And to forgive him for such an atrocious act is nothing except the power of God shining through within her heart to forgive someone who has taken ” your” Childs life that in itself is phenomenal. I believe in the word of God and i believe it is our instruction on how we are to live life despite how dysfunctional we all are according to the instructions o. How we are to live life. It’s so very important to learn to forgive people because it is a sure way to ensure that we ourselves are forgiven. The bible speaks about forgiveness in such a profound way. It says that if “we do not forgive our brothers and sisters whom we can see then our father in heaven will not forgive us” that’s enough to make me forgive everyone for anything!! It doesn’t mean that I have to rock with you anymore it simply means that I am relinquishing all negative energy where anyone or anything is concerned. So for the sister BIG KUDOS…and may the presence of the Lord coupled with legions of holy angels be encamped around you and your entire family for a thousand generations in Jesus mighty and powerful name.??

  • May God have mercy on his sorry soul! Only a monster would do something like that to his own child but, I would’ve never let my grandson next to him.

  • He does not deserve to be in this boys life. Please do not do this. He killed your daughter. And tried to kill the baby.

  • Forgiveness is to forgive not torture he didn’t want the child he paid his crime leave him.and the child in peace. She is torturing the both of them!

  • I have a sister who has a disabled child. Her biggest fear is dying and that child not being cared for by a loving family member. This grandmother has to be concerned with her grandchild well being if something was to happen to her. His father is his closed relative and if he has come to terms with this and the fact that this is his son and he the cause of his disability maybe he would be the perfect person to take on caring for this child. He owes him that since he’s the reason he can’t care for him myself. I think he shouldn’t be getting out. He was so selfish and evil when given the chance to do so great. Sad

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