Ex-Girlfriend Of Facebook Murder Suspect Joy Lane Breaks Silence

‘I am sorry that all of this has happened,’ Lane expressed in her message.

Joy Lane, the ex-girlfriend of Steve Stephens, the Facebook Live Murder suspect is said to currently be in protective custody and cooperating with the police.

Lane has confirmed that she and Stephens had been in a relationship for several years, and extended her condolences to the victim’s family.

Stephens, who has now been on the run for three days revealed in videos that the killing (although only one proven so far) was happening ‘due to his girlfriend’ Joy Lane.

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He goes onto say, Lane is the love of his life and that the two were supposed to get married but they had some sort of fallout after he ‘lost everything.’

In regards to the shooting, Lane broke her silence in a text message to CBS News. She said:

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