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Ex-Friend Of Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Says He Saw Him Kill Two Men

Former Friend Of Ex-NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Testified That He Watched Him Shoot And Kill Two Men For Spitting In His Drink.

A former friend of ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez told the jury at his double-murder trial Monday that Hernandez opened fire on a car because he believed two men inside had taunted him at a Boston nightclub.

Alexander Bradley testified about the shootings on July 16, 2012. Bradley said Hernandez ordered him to pull up next to the victims’ car at a stop light, then repeatedly fired a revolver into the car. Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu were killed.

Relatives of the men wept as Bradley testified, prompting Judge Jeffrey Locke to call for a brief recess during Bradley’s testimony at Suffolk Superior Court.

Bradley said Hernandez used a racial epithet and said, ‘What’s up now n*****s?’ before firing.

The former New England Patriots tight end is accused of killing the men after de Abreu accidentally bumped into Hernandez and spilled his drink at the club Cure Lounge.

A man Bradley identified as de Abreu, 29, ‘was dancing and he kind of danced his way over to where we were standing.

‘He bumped into Mr. Hernandez and some of his drink splashed up on Mr Hernandez and on myself, too – just some drops,’ Bradley told the court, according to the Boston Herald.

‘Mr. Hernandez got mad. He turned toward the individual. He was upset about it. He turned in a manner that he was going to make a confrontation out of the matter.’

Despite the NFL star’s anger, de Abreu ‘smirked’ and ‘laughed’ Bradley testified.

The father of three grabbed the Patriots player and tried to leave as ‘I knew something was brewing’ as ‘he was agitated’ and ‘he didn’t really like people staring at him.’

After pulling up to their BMW at a stoplight, he told Bradley to lean back.

Bradley testified the football star reached across him and opened fire on the two men, firing five times.

The two them sped away ‘panicked’ and Hernandez told Bradley, ‘I got one in the head, one in the chest.’

They went home after Hernandez wiped the gun down with his shirt and threw it and the shells out of the window.

‘I remember him saying, ‘Don’t tell anybody” Bradley said. ‘He just said, ‘Don’t say nothing’.’

 Hernandez is also charged with witness intimidation for allegedly shooting Bradley in the face months later after he became worried that Bradley would tell authorities about the earlier shootings.

Bradley lost an eye in the shooting.

He also described what led to that in court.

In the months following the double murder, the tight end became ‘extremely paranoid’ and instituted a ‘no iPhone rule’ among friends.

In February 2013 they went to Florida for a Super Bowl party.

Hernandez became upset when Bradley hypothesized that if some men who looked like police were in fact the authorities, ‘it’s because of the stupid sh*t you did up in Boston.’

Hernandez walked off angry, and later on that night while driving, Bradley fell asleep and woke up to ‘Hernandez with a gun to my face.’

Hernandez shot Bradley between the eyes then left him to die after pulling him from the car.

He showed the court his scar and said how his right eye is a prosthetic.

He survived the shooting, and promised himself he would get revenge on his former best friend.

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