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Even Fox News Admitted That Job Growth Under Trump Is Sluggish Compared To Obama’s Presidency

The economic research team at Fox News, the Republican-leaning national media outlet posted a job growth chart on Twitter, which revealed that fewer jobs are being added under Trump’s tenure as president than the number of jobs that were added in Obama’s last year in office.

Photo credits: Reuters

Fox News is notorious for its support of the right-wing conservative ideology and the Republican political figures in America who are extreme subscribers to this ideology.

However, the economic research team at Fox News used Twitter to post some factual data about job growth, which did not make the current Republican president in the White House look good against the former Democratic president who preceded him.

Looking at the year-to-year numbers, the data clearly shows that job growth was much better under Barry O than it currently is under The Donald. Take a peek for yourself by clicking the link at the top of Page 2.

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