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Establishing a Career vs. Finding Love

To settle down for your heart or buckle down for your promotion?

Life goals for women were a bit more easier about 50 years ago. They were simply getting married and raising a family. Girls were trained by their mothers at a young age  to cook, clean, take care of a house and their man. Basically the entire Destiny’s Child “Cater To You” song and scenes from The Stepford Wives. These days, those goals are still essentials but they’re not necessarily the top three.

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My goals growing up included getting my education ( which involved finishing high school, going to college, graduating college), securing a career, preferably a field that assures stability and guaranteed finances and if its room for it, passion.  And once you have that career, excel to the top of it and become the best parts of the hashtag #bossbabe that you can be. Again, refer to another Destiny’s Child song, “Independent” and scenes from Sex and the City.Dating has become more of a sport than the possible courtship of an individual you may desire to have a relationship with, hence the now common #situationship. In other words, the pair will do everything as a couple, but they’re not a couple. And God forbid if you catch feelings , if the other person decides to pursue someone else. That topic is another conversation.