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Dr. Phil Cut Employee’s Checks The Week Before Christmas

The Dr. Phil Show Employees Don’t Get Their Holiday Paycheck

By: Eboni Walker

The worst thing an employer can tell someone is that they will not be receiving a paycheck for the holidays.

Dr. Phil’s hardworking employees were victims of this just a couple of days before Christmas.

According to The Blast, sources said the supervisors of each department were verbally told to inform their staff that they would not be paid during their two-week hiatus this year.

The hiatus is known to occur every year in the entertainment business. At the end of the year, the majority of shows stop production until the following year. Some companies compensate their team for the two weeks, while others do not. For the last 15 years, The Dr. Phil show is known as one of the companies who provide a check to their employees, until this year.

Although the employees did not receive a paycheck, Dr. Phil did give out a $500 gift card to each employee at the company. The card can be used as cash anywhere.