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Doctors say the HIV Epidemic in Atlanta Is Worse Than Third World African Countries

According to doctors and researchers, more people have contracted HIV in Atlanta than in some underdeveloped African countries.


By Alexia McKay

OK ladies. We’ve all been warned about the Atlanta dating scene; hence the down-low and undercover. But with the rise of HIV-AIDS now the game has never been more dangerous. AIDS officials say call downtown Atlanta as bad as  “Zimbabwe or Harare or Durban” when it comes to contracting the virus. The risk of diagnosis in Georgia is 1 in every 51 people. According to the CDC, over 35K people are living with HIV in Atlanta. The city has the 4th highest rate of HIV in the United States.

Historically AIDS only used to target gay men and drug users in the late 80s.  But Dr. Carlos del Rio, co-director of Emory University’s Center for AIDS Research, told WSB-TV the disease now affects about every major population, particularly African-Americans who have limited access to healthcare.