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Doctor Accuses Delta Flight Attendant of Racial Profiling After Having Her Credentials Questioned

#BlackDoctorsMatter A Massachusetts doctor says she was racially profiled by two flight attendants after she tried to help an ill passenger on board.

Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford is pulling the race card on Delta when she experiences prejudice aboard on one of their flights. The incident happened on Tuesday night  [Oct. 30] during a  Republic Airlines Lines flight, a connection carrier for Delta. Dr. Stanford told Boston 25 News a passenger started having a panic attack next. Immediately, Stanford jumped into doctor mode. She showed her medical license to a flight attendant and started working on the passenger.

“She looked at it, walked down to the back of the plane,” Stanford recalled to Boston 25, “and then the second flight attendant approached me and said, ‘Well, can I see your license again?’ I was like, ‘Absolutely.’ “

But apparently, the crew must’ve thought she was a fraud because they approached her again, this time with resistance.