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Deadly Flu Season: Mother-Of-Two, 51, Dies In Hospital 2 Days After Flu Diagnose

Mother-of-two, 51, dies in hospital two days after being diagnosed with flu that led to a bacterial infection and severe pneumonia

Jenny Ching, 51, and her family had assumed she was fighting a particularly nasty cold when she went to hospital last Wednesday.

Ching, of Needham, Massachusetts, then developed a bacterial infection that caused severe pneumonia. On Friday morning, she died.

She normally gets a flu shot every season, but her husband Matt Ching says he’s not sure if she did this season.

Jenny Ching (pictured with her family) was diagnosed with the flu after going to hospital last Wednesday. She died two days later

‘She had the flu and she also developed a bacterial infection,’ he told WLWT5.

‘It was really severe and caused severe pneumonia.’

He added that he is grateful for the support from friends and members of the Needham community.

‘Without them, I don’t know how I would be to help keep the boys going.’

Ching had worked at the New Garden restaurant – a popular Chinese spot in Needham – since moving to the town at the age of 20.

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