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David And Tamela Mann Talk About Relationships And Their ‘Us Against The World’ Love Project

David And Tamela Mann Promote Their ‘Us Against The World’ Book Where They Talk About The Ups And Downs Of Their Relationship

By: Brianna Wigfall

David and Tamela Mann have been busy with their ‘Us Against The World’ love project giving fans an inside scoop of their marriage and family life. The couple released their book ‘Us Against The World’ on November 13th and just ended their family tour on November 11th. The ‘Us Against The World’ album released on November 9th which is the couples first joint album together where they sing about the themes they discuss in their book.

The couple proclaims that “Friendship is their foundation, the family is their bedrock, and fun is non-negotiable,” and they feel that through their journey they can share advice and stories to help other couples through life. David and Tamela, who have been married for 30 years, got a chance to sit down with Bossip and give their opinion on relationship choices such as open marriages.

NASHVILLE, TN – JUNE 01: American Gospel singers Tamela Mann and David Mann arrive at the 4th Annual My Music Matters: A Celebration Of Legends Lunch at City Winery Nashville. (Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for National Museum Of African American Music)

“You open yourself up for failure,” David said.

Tamela picks up saying, “And you open for destruction. That could lead to so many different things, I mean not just tearing your family apart; it’s confusion.”

David says an open marriage would never work for him because he would get ‘pissed off’ if he ever heard his wife say to another man, ‘Whew, I ain’t never felt like this before.”

Tamela agreed, ” I know our society, we’ve messed up we didn’t hold and save ourselves as virgins. But I believe if we would have we wouldn’t have so much confusion in the world. What makes people wanna do that, is because they’ve tested being with somebody else but if they had waited and been with that one person you wouldn’t know what its like to have been flipped and tripped.”

The Stellar Gospel Music Award Winning singer also addressed fans calling her a MILF in which she didn’t understand at first.

“We have people that say inappropriate things,” Tamela said.

David explained, “MILF, we old yall. We don’t know what all this stuff is.”

After talking with their children and learning the understanding, Tamela says she was in total shock. “To me, it is out of line because I am a married woman.” Although she says, she wouldn’t mind her husband calling her a MILF.

“Would it be disrespectful if I said?” David asked. “Not to me- you? No, it’d be great. Go ahead, say it,” she said jokingly.

The Manns say they aim to “encourage families to stay together and not quite and give up on each other because that’s the easy thing to do.” They say the book goes deep into their relationship before the entertainment industry and they give away some ‘dirt’ in the book as well. They made it available through ebook, hardcover, and audiobook with their own voices in which they say makes the book more personable.

The Mann’s are also apart of a family Christmas movie called ‘Merry Wish Mas’ which is Tamela’s first leading role where her husband will play her love interest in the movie. It will appear on TV on December 2, and unlike their usual comedy roles this movie will be more ‘serious.’ Actress Terri J. Vaughn directed the movie while it was executive produced by the Manns. Co-stars of the movie include Kim Fields, Towanda Braxton, Chrystale Wilson, Elizabeth Omilami, and Young Joc.

The Mann’s exclusively broke the news to Bossip that they will return as Cora and Mr. Brown on Tyler Perry’s Madea farewell tour in 2019. Tyler Perry announced on Jimmy Fallon that it was time to retire Madea, the tour being her last appearance before she is killed off.

“That’s it, its time for me to bury that old broad,” Tyler Perry said. “She’s had a run; I don’t want to be her age playing her so its time for me to let it go. I’m going to do my last Madea farewell tour next year, and the last is the Madea family funeral movie that comes out in March, and then we’re moving on to something else. There are so many more things I want to do.”

Source: InDaHouse Media, Bossip, Jimmy Fallon Show, Getty Images

By: Brianna Wigfall | Web: | Instagram: Brianne. Live