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What To Do When Your Daughter Brings Home a Black Man

Georgia mom gives very sharp yet sincere advice on blog about what to do ‘when your daughter brings home a black man’ after hers married Glenn, the ‘African American with dreads’


A Georgia mother has given some biting, yet sincere, advice on a Christian blog about what to do when your daughter brings home a black man.

Gaye Clark, a cardiac nurse from Augusta, says all she wanted for her daughter Anna was a husband who was ‘godly’ and ‘kind’ as well as a great father and a good provider.

She describes herself as an ‘open-minded mom’ in her post for The Gospel Coalition – but then ‘God called my bluff.’

‘This white, 53-year-old mother hadn’t counted on God sending an African American with dreads named Glenn,’ she wrote.


Clark notes that not too long ago that interracial marriage – ‘particularly a black man like Glenn marrying a white girl like Anna’ – was considered the ‘ultimate taboo.’

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