What To Do When Your Daughter Brings Home a Black Man

A Georgia mother has given some biting, yet sincere, advice on a Christian blog about what to do when your daughter brings home a black man.

Gaye Clark, a cardiac nurse from Augusta, says all she wanted for her daughter Anna was a husband who was ‘godly’ and ‘kind’ as well as a great father and a good provider.

She describes herself as an ‘open-minded mom’ in her post for The Gospel Coalition – but then ‘God called my bluff.’

‘This white, 53-year-old mother hadn’t counted on God sending an African American with dreads named Glenn,’ she wrote.


Clark notes that not too long ago that interracial marriage – ‘particularly a black man like Glenn marrying a white girl like Anna’ – was considered the ‘ultimate taboo.’

While she insists that she never shared this prejudice, she concedes that was because she never thought the issue would factor in her life.

She accepted Glenn as her son – and so offers her heartfelt guidelines to other parents for ‘when your white daughter brings home a black man home for dinner.’

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