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Crash Victim’s Family Demands Venus Williams’ Medication Prescriptions

The family of the victim who was killed in a car accident involving Venus Williams last month are now demanding the tennis star provide information about the medications she had taken before the crash.

Court documents obtained by DailyMail.com state Jerome Barson’s family are also asking for the athlete’s driving records, car insurance documents, and even phone bills for the entire month of June.

The tennis star had been driving in Palm Beach County, Florida last month when she caused a car accident that resulted in the death of 78-year-old Florida retiree.

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Shortly after, Barson’s wife Linda filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the star demanding damages for loss of companionship, loss of earnings, pain and suffering and medical and funeral expenses.

Police listed Williams as the person at fault in the accident, but there was no evidence she was distracted or under the influence.

According to reports, Mrs Barson, who was driving the car, was approaching an intersection when Williams darted in causing the other driver to T-bone her car.

Mrs Barson was taken to the hospital and was treated for broken bones and other injuries.

Her husband suffered a fractured spine, massive internal organ damage, and internal bleeding. He died at the hospital on June 22, two weeks after the incident.

Earlier this week, the estate filed a request for production from Williams seeking various documents including: all copies of insurance policies, photos of the crash in her possession, any video tapes related to the incident, any contracts related to her ownership of the vehicle.

They are also seeking all reports by experts she plans to call in the case.

The family is also demanding she turn over the car title and registration and a list of her entire driving record for the past 7 years – seeking all traffic and crash reports and the estimates pertaining to the car damage.

In addition to any medical prescriptions, they are requesting copies of all medical bills, copies of prescriptions, medical reports, statements or invoices in reference to any injuries sustained by Venus in the crash.

According to the suit, Mrs Barson claims Williams failed to yield the right of way, blew a red light, and drove too fast while distracted along with recklessly creating an avoidable situation.

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