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VIDEO UPDATE: Could This Video CLEAR Venus Williams In Fatal Car Crash?

New video released shows that Venus Williams had a green light to enter the intersection before being T-boned by driver who is suing her for her husband’s ‘wrongful death’. The new video revealed, as her lawyer said she could be cleared.

Daily Mail reported that the newly discovered footage of the June 9 crash shows Williams being T-boned at speed by the elderly couple. It was released by police who said she the case remained under investigation.

Their statement did not clear her or change the previous conclusion that she was to blame.

It will be seized on by her legal team, who say the finding she is to blame can be ‘updated’.

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‘Based on the evidence obtained in the ongoing investigation, it has been determined the vehicle driven by Venus Williams lawfully entered the intersection on a circular green traffic signal,’ Major Paul Rogers of the PBGPD said in a statement.

There had been no suggestion Venus entered the junction illegally.

A police report into the fatal June 9 collision stated that Williams was at fault because she turned left into the path of the car in which Jerome Barson, 78, was a passenger.

But at a court hearing to thrash out how the two sides will share evidence extracted from the two mangled vehicles, her lawyer Malcolm Cunningham suggested cops could change their tune – and sensationally clear the tennis superstar.

‘That’s not a complete final report – it can be updated,’ Cunningham told reporters outside a courthouse in Palm Beach County, Florida. Williams was not present as she is playing at Wimbledon.

‘Venus Williams entered that intersection on a green light, her progress was impeded and she had the right by state law to get through the intersection,’ he added.

The video below would appear to support that, although police made clear that the matter was still ‘under investigation’.

Source: Daily Mail


Venus Williams has won an emergency court order against the family suing her over the car crash death of a 78-year-old man, it emerged on Thursday.  The court order will stop them from taking evidence from her car.

A judge in Palm Beach County, Florida, granted her request to stop the family of Jerome Barson from examining the two cars involved in the fatal crash.

Williams’s lawyers argued the vehicles should not be examined for evidence and that no data should be taken from them.

DailyMail reported that according to court documents, the family’s lawyer provided the athlete’s team with less than 24-hour notice that they were going to inspect and download data from the vehicles.

Williams feared critical evidence could be lost unintentionally if the cars were to be inspected and demanded the protective order until the court establishes a procedure for collecting evidence.

Both Williams’s Toyota Sequoia and Barson’s Hyundai Accent are being stored at Kauffs Transportation Systems in West Palm Beach.

Source: DailyMail

It was a bittersweet start for Venus Williams at Wimbledon on Monday.

The American tennis player won her first round match in two sets, but also had to face the press for the first time since the deadly car crash that Florida police say she caused last month.

When questioned about how she was dealing with the crash, Williams teared up.

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‘That’s life, you can’t prepare for everything,’ she said.

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