Cleveland Cops Continue Manhunt For Gunman Who Executed Elderly Man LIVE on Facebook

‘I just snapped.’ Facebook Live killer says that he has murdered 13 people.

The Cleveland Police have a launched a manhunt for Steve Stephens, a killer who live-streamed him shooting and killing an innocent man in Cleveland. “Everybody is looking for Steve,” said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams, and added that there have been no confirmed sightings of the suspect since the Facebook Live event occurred.

By his own words Stephens claims to have murdered 14 more.

Steve Stephens is on the loose in Cleveland after he recorded the shocking act on facebook at around 3pm on Sunday April 16th.  Stephens is considered armed and dangerous, according to police.

Story is still developing.  We have included images from his Facebook page to help in the search.  Additionally we have opted not so share the video of his killing an innocent man but did include the video of him saying that he has killed an additional 13 people.

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